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skype: long.tmpvietnam

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Biến tần Kewo PV800 Solar Pumps Inverter-Đại lý Kewo Drive Vietnam-TMP Vietnam

Giá bán: Vui lòng gọi
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Bảo hành: 12 tháng
Xuất xứ: Kewo Drive
Kewo PV800 series solar pump drive is positioned in environmental-friendly and economical PV market

Công ty Tăng Minh Phát Việt Nam là Nhà phân phối của hãng Kewo Drive tại Việt Nam. Chúng tôi chuyên cung cấp Biến tần Kewo Solar Pumps Inverter (model PV800) chính hãng KEWO giá cạnh tranh:


Liên hệ cho chúng tôi theo số: 0907 300 847 - 0917 543 068 để được hỗ trợ và tư vấn.

Email :  long.tmpvietnam@gmail.com


Skype: long.tmpvietnam

Yahoo: longtmp



KEWO PV800 Series Solar Pump Inverters


Solar pump drives advantages:

Kewo PV800 series solar  pump drive is positioned in environmental-friendly and economical PV market, the product is applicable to PV pumping system, replaces water storage with electric storage and needs no battery modules. The direct current generated by solar modules is input to the inverter and then converted into the alternating current to drive various pumps directly. Additionally, the output frequency is adjustable in real time according to sunlight intensity change.
Fully automatic system using variable speed drive compatible with AC, 3-phase, submersible and surface mount pumps, and high efficiency PMSM Pumps. The system is composed of a PV generator, a pump and a solar pump drive. Based on the design philosophy that it is more efficient to store water rather than electricity, there is no energy storing device such as storage battery in the system. The system is prepared to be combined with a elevated water storage,
e.g. water tower or an uphill tank installation.



150 to 400VDC input, 220-240VAC output, 0.75 to 3.7kw
350-8000VDC input, 380-480VAC output, 0.75 to 355kw

Descriptions and Features

1. Built-in MPPT function, Maximum power point tracking functionality ensures that you get the most power output possible from your solar panel and maximizes the performance of your pump throughout the day.
2. Built-in flow measurement and sensorless flow calculation.  And easy to get how much energy generated by this system with generated energy and calculating
3. Advanced function automatic start and stop of the drive when there is enough power available. ( auto/manual)
4. Multiple pump motors with a single drive control standard asynchronous motors as well as more efficient permanent magnet synchronous motors. (PMSM)
5. Best off-grid solution Where electricity is very erratic and unpredictable, farmers need not to depend on grid electricity for their agricultural requirements
6. Remote monitoring  With the addition of optional GPRS modules you can monitor and configure drive and application parameters from anywhere

via Modbus RTU

Protection features

It is provide kinds of protection function for pumps and inverters such as  Dry run protection (under load protection) , High voltage surge, Low input voltage, Open motor circuit, Short circuit, Over heat, Earth fault, Phase missing, lowest running, water tank level... 


Hardware design

Solar pump inverter developed based on PV800 high performance vector control AC inverter with software MPPT and hardware updated.The PV800 vector control inverter is renowned for his excellent hardware deign and powerful software performance, long service life design.
Excellent hardware design .
Latest generation Infineon of Fuji IGBT using ( Fuji brand for back up)
Hot temperature working available design.
Good quality components selecting
Independent cooling duct for lower temperature rising.


Chúng tôi là Nhà phân phối các thiết bị:




-          Khởi động mềm cho động cơ

-          Biến tần

-          Điện trở xả cho biến tần

-          Cuộn kháng lọc sóng hài

-          Động cơ servo

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